SweetpeaThere are those who would say portraits and pets go together.  So too do portraits and weddings.  But weddings and pets?  Not so much!  I suppose I compare the joy of the wedding day to the joyous moments spent with pets.  I suppose I could also compare the trials and tribulations that can come with both.  However true those comparisons might be, they are a stretch for most people.  The common thread is family.  Those frisky felines and cuddly canines are part of the family.

My wife is a crazy cat lady and I have grown quite fond of the fur balls too.  I have always been a dog person.  Photographing pets is just an extension of who I am.  I am not sure if they agree, but they often do seem to take direction better than people do.  Pet portrait sessions will usually take about an hour.  The time required mostly depends on the pet.  Please call or email for more information and to reserve a session.


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