I am a hopeless romantic. I love animals.  I cry while watching sappy movies and tv shows.  And I love weddings (but I don’t cry at them). A little while ago I was working out in the gym when a couple came in.  Sometime later I glanced to my left and I saw the guy.  He was looking across the room at the woman.  I looked at her and saw her returning his gaze.  Some unspoken communication must have passed between them, for she gave a slight nod and sent a look of love that was unmistakable. Weddings are full of those kinds of moments.  Those moments are all too often forgotten, but through photography some of them can endure.  I am proud and honored to be able to capture images of one of the most memorable events in one’s life.  At the same time, weddings are fun.  There are happy people there – that’s always good.  I have shot weddings in four states and on two continents.  Although sometimes it seems like I have seen it all, every one is unique in its own way.  Weddings are like people in a way.  They can be wildly different or unbelievably similar, but they can never be exactly the same and never lose their ability to surprise.  While a wedding is a party, a portrait session is more like a deep conversation.  I get to know the person or people through the lens of my camera in a more focused way.  Pets are another joy to photograph.

I like to travel, cook, and especially to eat.  I also enjoy scuba diving, long walks on the beach, and just being with my wife.